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Certified Performance/Warranties

Built into Every Luminaire

At Kenall, we believe in the value of certified performance. Our product development philosophy is to design lighting fixtures from the ground up—based on exacting industry standards and mission critical testing criteria—relevant to their intended use. 

Kenall is equipped with certified, in-house testing facilities, enabling us to guarantee that our fixtures meet the standards set forth by the premiere governing bodies within the commercial lighting industry: Underwriters Lab, the Illuminating Engineering Society, the Department of Energy and others. Our sophisticated testing capabilities include:

  • Ingress Protection testing for dust and water penetration
  • Conducted electromagnetic interference as per Military Standards
  • Highly accelerated stress screening
  • Thermal testing
  • Certified photometric testing via a Type C goniophotometer
  • Integrated sphere testing via a spectroradiometer

To verify the authenticity of the testing process, Kenall utilizes a third party to certify our listings. Certified performance—Kenall goes the extra mile by testing to ensure that our products not only meet, but often exceed, customer expectations.