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FAQ's for Kenall SenScape™ Area Series

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  What are the specs on the Watt Stopper control node? (WSW)

According to Wattstopper, the NWTL-111 BULIT is a distributed-intelligence wireless control node designed to replace standard photocell modules on outdoor lighting fixtures. It connects to a 7-pin twist-lock receptacle compliant with NEMA standard C136.41 to provide ON/OFF and dimming control. The BULIT also connects to a Legrand Wireless Network Manager via a robust and scalable, self-healing wireless IP network.

  Do the ICM and TL2000 work together?

No. The ICM is available for those using “security systems by others”. You can specify only ICM or TL2000 at this time. The ICM option uses the camera to provide video or images. The TL2000 uses the camera exclusively for sensing purposes and cannot provide video or images. In the future, TL2000AS will provide more features like images and sensing over a wireless network.

  Does the N7P option work with the ICM?

No. You can specify only ICM or N7P. N7P is a NEMA 7 pin receptacle for connection to industry standard control systems such as dusk to dawn controls and others including the WSW (Wattstopper Bulit)

  Do all of the fixtures in the SenScape area series carry a 5-year warranty?


  How does the Watt stopper control (WSW) work, and how is it different from TL2000?

The WSW offers some features similar to the TL2000 system, except that the WiFi network is open and discoverable.  Each node has a built-in clock/calendar for scheduling and can also connect to building automation systems. An open and discoverable WiFi network is similar to other network devices that can be addressed directly by other WiFi hardware.

  What are the camera specs?

It is a WiFi or Cat 5 connected IP (internet protocol) camera with 1080P resolution at up to 30 frames per second. Consult factory for further details of camera performance.

  Can a square pole be used?


  Does the camera move when choosing the RL or RR option?

No. This would be handled as a customized camera request through

  What is the camera’s field of view?

The embedded camera is a wide-angle view, facing downward.

  Does the camera (ICM) perform sensing or is it strictly an eye?

The ICM is strictly a video source. It cannot control the lighting or directly provide any sensing capabilities. Future development of the TL2000AS includes plans to add sensing capabilities.

  Does the camera stay on when the fixture is off?

The camera is powered by the fixture, so it turns off whenever the fixture is off.  Please note, however, that the camera remains on when the fixture is dimmed. Dimming is controlled by 0-10Vdc similar to other fixtures.  

  Is it possible to add Option -H for House-Side Shield as an accessory?

The house-side shield is a factory option INTERNAL to the fixture optic, and not an accessory.  It is a factory installed feature. It is not possible to add house-side shields as an accessory or adjust the optics in the field.