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The Next Generation: Bringing You Lighting for Future Generations

Durable, Dependable, Certified to perform

Durable fixtures are the cornerstone of Kenall’s business. In addition to marine-grade, die-cast aluminum, luminaire housings are also made of stainless- and cold-rolled steel, so they are resistant to vandalism and corrosion. High quality, durable materials allow our luminaires to be installed in exceptionally challenging applications, both indoors and out.

Once installed according to specifications, our products are warrantied – many for life. Our exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee® against breakage assures specifiers and end users that they can trust Kenall for dependable lighting, or we’ll repair or replace any fixture rendered inoperable due to physical abuse for the lifetime of the installation.


Kenall luminaires are certified to perform, which ensures the safety and integrity of a given installation. In addition to third-party certifications, our in-house, state-of-the-art safety laboratory is certified to perform ingress protection testing, photometrics, and cold weather and high temperature testing.

One example of our stringent certified performance standards is that Kenall is the first lighting company to have products that meet the NSF Protocol P442-2015, which requires an NSF2 food equipment certification, IP65 certification, and additional performance testing for pressure decay resistance.

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Innovation Happens Here

Kenall is completely committed to Solid State Lighting (SSL) and controls, and the best-selling TekDek™ series is just one shining example of this commitment.
TekDek Story of Firsts:

  • First with glare control in parking applications
  • First LED parking luminaire with embedded controls and a Peace of Mind Guarantee®

Kenall is also the first and only company in North America to integrate ambient lighting with continuous environmental disinfection through our award-winning Indigo-Clean™ Continuous Environmental Disinfection series of luminaires for healthcare environments. Indigo-Clean is clinically proven to reduce bacteria, including MRSA and C. Diff, by 70% or more using safe, visible light. Unlike UV robots, it’s safe to use when the room is occupied, and it provides a superior return on investment.

Check back often to learn about Kenall’s solid state lighting innovations!

From the Heartland of the U.S.

If you’re interested in our company leaders, engineers, customer service reps, or skilled manufacturing workers, you can find us at our corporate headquarters located in the heartland of the U.S.; a vertically-integrated, ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Kenosha, WI—just an hour north of Chicago. As a domestic manufacturing company, we remain nimble for jobs that require custom features or extra attention, and we also provide complete support for our products for your complete peace of mind.

When you see this symbol, it’s your assurance that our products comply with the Buy American Act: manufactured in the United States with more than 50% of the component cost of US origin.

Made in the USA